The route

We start in the west coast capital of Bergen, heading south to Nesttun before heading north again to Indre Arna. From there we follow the fjord (Sørfjorden) eastwards to Trengereid. Here we start the first of our three big climbs. Through the hairpin bends of Trengereidsvingene we cross E16, the main road to Voss. We carry on Hardangervegen (Hardanger road) up Gullfjellet (Golden mountain) .The road then drops down in the district of Samnanger and the Samnanger fjord. Here we find the first food station after about 50km.

Passing through the town Tysse, we start on the second big climb of the day up to the mountain plateau of Kvamskogen. After crossing the plateau we drop down the Tokagjel gorge through four winding tunnels and find ourselves in Steinsdalen, heading past Steinsdalsfossen (Steinsdals waterfall) to the town of Norheimsund and the Hardanger fjord. Here we find the second food station after about 85 km.

We follow the Hardanger fjord eastwards, passing through Øystese, crossing the Fyksesund bridge and ride som of the narrowest roads imaginable before we reach the ferry port of Kvandal, the third and final food station after about 125km.

Here we follow the Granvin fjord, pass through the town of Granvin and along side the Granvinsvatnet (Granvin lake) before we come to the third and final big climb of the day, the hairpin bends of Skjervet. After reaching the top we still have a few km of slight uphill before the road desends to the wonderfull inland ski resort Voss. When arriving at Voss you will have climbed about 2100 meters. You will also have desended about 2050 meters as the elevation difference between Bergen and Voss is only about 50 meters!!